Single Handed   The Story of Keith Maze and His Dog Wishbone
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Meet the Editor, Steve Maze
  Loretta Wade grew up on a farm in North Alabama where she was instilled with a strong work ethic and Christian values. After hearing about Keith Maze’s dog Wishbone, and his loss of a front leg, Wade felt compelled to share the dog’s grueling ordeal.What she found was a heartwarming story of a family’s triumph over incredible adversity. 
Loretta has written 2 other novels titled Walking In Slippery Places and When The Rainbow Comes, She currently lives in Guntersville, AL. and loves to spend time with daughter Jamie Lantz and her husband Kurt Lantz, her two granddaughters: Kalee Lantz and Nikki Lantz, and her grandson Joseph Harris.
Meet the Author, Loretta Wade
Steve Maze is a lifelong resident of Arab, Alabama. He served for 13 years as editor of the popular nostalgia magazine Yesterday’s Memories, and has also written eight books.
His books include a variety of topics – nostalgia, Old West legends Jesse James and Doc Holliday, as well as local and national celebrities he has interviewed. His two most recent books are well-documented accounts about the life and career of Hank Williams Sr.

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Behind The Scenes of Single Handed

Keith Maze lives on a farm in Arab, AL with his wife J.J.  Entertainment has always been a big part of his life and he enjoys singing in talent shows, pubs, weddings, and parties.At his farm, Keith has a full recording studio that has the familiar feeling of a local pub. The room is filled with equipment and it contains a full blown Peavey sound system and recording studio, lots of studio lights, fog machines, and one hundred thousand songs of karaoke and DJ music. 
  In 1988 Keith began having pain in his right hand after a minor injury at work. For the next seven years Keith would continue to be in agonizing pain and would endure fourteen surgeries trying to cure it. Finally in 1995 Keith was diagnosed, by Dr. Kenneth A. Jaffe
 (a specialist in the orthopedic and oncology field), with epithelioid sarcoma;
 a rare cancer that only affects people between the age of 20 and 40. At the 
time of Keith’s diagnosis, there were only 270 known cases of epithelioid 
sarcoma in the U.S.  Keith's best chance to beat the deadly disease was 
radical treatment and the decision was made to amputate his thumb and to
 undergo nine months of intensive chemotherapy. A few weeks later Keith's 
right  hand would be removed to within six inches of the elbow , to cut above 
the scar tissue from earlier surgeries, and to completely remove any traces of the cancer.
 Against the odds, Keith became one of the first people to survive epithelioid sarcoma and he has recovered well from all of the surgeries.
​ Keith's Jack Russel Terrier, Wishbone, was adopted  by the Maze family
 from their friend Vance Wilson. Wishbone was famous for climbing trees, 
climbing ladders, wanting attention, and especially for not having a good
 disposition. Knowing he might regret it later, Keith took Wishbone home
 where he turned out to be a great addition to the family. Wishbone quickly
 fit in around the farm... helping keep livestock from straying away and
 defending the property  from would-be invaders such as stray dogs, the 
occasional squirrel,  or even  coyotes. Wishbone often pursued his foes into the woods, going far enough out so he could no longer be seen or heard. Keith always felt that Wishbone was smart enough, fierce enough, and strong enough to take care of himself and did not worry about him having any trouble. 
  One evening in January 2010, Wishbone took off in pursuit of a coyote that was just too close for comfort. Keith watched and listened as he took off at full speed, barking furiously and straining to close the gap between him and the deadly predator. Soon, Wishbone was out of site. Keith didn't think too much about it and, after a while, he went about his regular routine. 
  The next day Keith was not greeted by Wishbone and he seemed to be
 nowhere in sight. Keith instantly knew that something was wrong and he
 began calling for Wishbone and searching  for him everywhere. Soon,
 Keith found him in his doghouse, unable to come out when called to. 
 Keith peered inside the doghouse to find Wishbone suffering from
 multiple lacerations and seriously injured front legs. Quickly, Keith
 scooped him up and headed for the vet. The news was devastating. The 
vet could stitch and treat the lacerations but Wishbone had two broken
 front legs. Both legs were broken above the joint... a life-threatening injury for any dog. The diagnosis was that the legs could be treated with surgery and then casting (a long and expensive process)  but no guarantees that he would survive. The vet  advised them that another option was that Wishbone be put to sleep. With little hesitation the Maze family decided that Wishbone deserved every chance they could give him and instructed the vet to do the surgery. Months later, after a long battle with infection, Wishbone went back to surgery and the vet removed his right front leg. 
  Two years later, things are pretty much back to normal. Wishbone is helping keep the livestock from straying away, defending the property from would-be invading squirrels and stray dogs, climbing ladders, wanting attention, and generally not having a very good disposition.
  Keith wouldn't have it any other way.

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"Being Single Handed isn't all that bad"
Keith Maze

Keith's hand after thumb surgery
Published by The D.B. Myers Co   2012
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